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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> a little like justin bieber out there when he was a younger. i love that video. in fact the tip of the day, watch it a couple of times. it will make you feel good. and that's it it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website, different than if you missed the opening, interview with the congressman from hawaii, classic, got to see it. and also spout out about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reil and here is a word you can use, look it up, not going to tell you what it is, you want the factor word book. don't be a poltroon when writing to the factor. and i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for
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you. >> welcome to "hannity" and right behind me sitting in our audience tonight are law abiding new york gun owners. now, their names and addresses were printed by a local new york news, simply because they are legal owners of firearms. thanks to the publisher, the families of the people behind me sitting in our audience have not been at risk and privacy trampled on and tonight they're here to voice their frustrations and fears. we're going to examine what legal action they can take against the blatant invasion of privacy and thanks to all of you for being here. how are you all doing tonight? let me start with a quick show of hands from everybody here, you've all been outed and how
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many here have been outed, almost everybody, right? you have not and you three, so i want to make sure who has that -- how many of you feel angry about what has happened here? everybody. how many of you feel your privacy has been invaded? how many feel you are less safe because of what has happened? everybody. all right, let's start. why, let's say. >> not so much-- i feel worried about my neighbors because now they're people who never thought of carrying firearms and they're worried, worried that their house is like a shopping listfo. >> sean: now, my perspective, there are three people that should be afraid. number one, those that were identified as not having guns, right, the home invader. if you're an invader whose home are you going to? secondly, all of you, if they want a gun, can they steal one, right? and third, what about police officers, they've arrested criminals, you're agreeing with that in the back. yes, sir. >> a police officer, not only
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is my life in jeopardy, what about my defensive family that does not have a firearm. >> sean: you deserve better and we will he get into that in detail. in your book you discuss the threats you've gotten over the the course of the years, outspoken in the public and we expect that, but what does this mean for you? >> well, this whole thing is just absolutely outrageous and yes, i've gotten all kinds of comments from people online. you never know how much further they're going to carry those comments and my husband and i applied for a carry permit. >> sean: this good looking guy. >> we applied for carry permit and denied. it's outrageous what the newspaper did. of course we love our police officers, they work hard and risk their lives, but the police can't be everywhere and people need to have that right to be licensed and have gun protection. >> sean: was it difficult to get the permit? how many-- was it difficult? >> absolutely. >> sean: how long does it take. >> it took us over a year and we did it when hillary clinton
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became senator. i said i don't need a gun, she is trying to take our right away. and now we need more guns, the government is trying to take it through the newspaper. >> sean: and you-- i don't need a permit, but process of applying for one so, it's difficult, lengthy and arduous process it is. the journal news makes it seem like all of these crazy people with the guns and pistol holders, they had to get approval by a judge, fingerprinted, background check up to a year to get it. so it's a complete farce. >> sean: let's talk about the journal news and i'll ask you if this particular case, the they claim they're journalists, but they won't answer any questions and did you notice that they hired armed guards as a result of
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the ensuing controversy? by the way i want everyone there to be safe as all of us do, we all agree, we want them-- what's that? >> and especially, the elite. >> sean: the elite. wait a minute, hollywood stars have-- >> it's elitist, we're not we're ordinary persons and we're not part of the elite. >> i'm the new york state assemblyman for a good part of putnam county and westchester and i will tell that you this has put more people in jeopardy and basically, this is -- they've provided a dream map for perpetrators, for stalkers, for the bad guys. they know where the guns are now, where they aren't, and the foia request itself is antiquated because we are now at the crossroads of where the law meets modern technology and, yes, morality. >> sean: you know, they did not have to publish these
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names. yes, sir? >> and i spoke to the rockland county clerk this morning and they do exceptional work there, the entire staff. i'd asked him if he minded if i spoke about this, he said not a problem. and he said he received the foia request and by oath of office felt he needed to respond. he pleaded with journal news, both verbally and in writing, please do not disclose and they said we can do what we want with this information. >> sean: there comes a point-- yes, sir in the back. >> six years ago they did this, but the writer at the time, the reporter at the time george fitsgibbon, he had the list and he refused to give them the addresses, but he just printed the name and the town. because his next-door neighbor was a law enforcement officer. he was afraid of, one, somebody he arrested might co and go after his neighbor, and two, what if the guy made a mistake and went to the wrong house, and got his family instead.
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>> sean: a great point. >> so he they went and guy a got out in queens so he would have no direct connection with anybody. >> sean: you told me before about-- we've already sort of labeled you as the team spokesman, team captain as we get started. >> i don't know. >> sean: you said you're a young mother. >> yes, yes he. >> sean: sometimes home alone. >> sure, absolutely and now especially i feel vulnerable. >> sean: explain. >> there's a lot of break-ins going on around 5-7 p.m. where i live and in the next town over and they're warning people, they're coming in and breaking in to make it look like somebody's home. they now know that there's a gun there and thank god they don't know what guns i have. so i feel very-- >> and smart and-- >> i feel like my house is being watched by them, probably. >> and when they made the request, they also wanted to know what guns people had. they were denied that information. they were going to publish that as well along with everyone's names and addressed. >> and they also didn't publish police officers, a lot
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of them didn't get published, certain ones did. >> sean: yeah, they did. >> i know some that did not. maybe older than five years the permits. >> sean: we're not looking to disagree. >> what happened with the law enforcement officers, most law enforcement officers do not apply for a pistol permit because they can carry on their shields. they were told by their unions you don't need to have a license, that was your prerogative to get it and that's why we'd rather you didn't have. >> sean: let me ask another question here. the governor of new york, the madness has to stop, the big state of the state address and wants new york to have the toughest gun laws in the country and by the way connecticut had one of the toughest gun laws in the country, but he used the word earlier confiscation. >> sean. >> sean: yes, go ahead. >> as a senator from that area people have to realize this governor is on the record talking about confiscation and
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people have got to get activated throughout the state of new york. there are bills out there sending state police to the people are obey the law and knock on the door and turn the individuals into criminals and that's where the governor wants to go with that. preaching at the top of his lungs, you don't need ten bullets to kill a deer. and this is-- >> will the republicans have control of the senate. >> it's a coalition. >> people need to get on that damn phone and call their senators. >> will they hold the line. >> you're looking at one senator who is working every hour from now until next-- >> to make that-- >> make sure this governor's bill which started as a gun confiscation bill does not hit the floor of that senate and we bring common sense. >> sean: how many of you would disobey the law if the governor demanded you hand over your gun? >> off the record? you will. all right, we've got a lot more to get to and i promise we didn't get you guys in the
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back, it doesn't mean we love you any less. we'll get to you in a second here. now that they have been outed, their lives put at risk and their privacy trampled, is there any legal recourse? we'll talk with judge jeanine pirro who was one of the people outed and she'll tell the audience how to fight back. and by the way, one other ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> welcome back to "hannity." legal gun owners are asking what can they do to protect their right to privacy and even now i have been impacted in recent weeks. a liberal entity published the fact that i am a gun owner. and can we fight back with someone else outed by the journal news, judge jeanine
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pirro, her show justice with judge jeanine on fox news channel at 9 p.m. one of our producers confronted the editor of the paper. how are you. >> terrific, thanks. >> sean: you were outed. it's not the first time for me, i've done it before. >> it not the first time for me, i'm a proud gun owner. the difference between me and other people like a battered woman or someone who testified in a case sitting in prison waiting to get even with a person. i was a public official, an elected d.a. and elected judge and i understand what it means to be a public official as you do. >> sean: i agree, i don't mind in my case, it's not about us. >> sean: plus my address wasn't given out. >> mine was. >> sean: in your case you were, everybody in the audience they had their addresses different out. i think it makes it dangerous for them and people who don't-- >> it's better they did it in an interactive map. it's not like a printed map, it's where they are in
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westchester, in rockland, where they are in relation to the highway, basically how you get there and link it and you can get the front of the house, the back of the house, it's an outrage and what's more outrageous is that the journal news, and i dealt with them for 30 years, they are in a hole, they're hiding, they're like a deer in the headlights, the perveyors of information and unable to answer a question and people call me over and over and over we want answers and they follow your kids to school, and call you repeatedly, they come to your house, talk to your friends and they're in a hole being protected by people with guns. this elitist, left wing egghead organization that's part of an anti-gun agenda is now hiding and they are in essence, the epitome of hypocrisy. >> sean: you were d.a. how long. >> d.a. 12 years and assistant d.a. for 15 years, a county judge, i mean. >> sean: you've done it all and you're still 28 years old to me, but in all seriousness,
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this is not an area that's crime-free. >> not at all. i've prosecuted 40,000 cases a we are in westchester county. may be an affluent suburban community, but there are crime areas in the county just as there are in over part of the country. the question you're going to ask, do you have a recourse? no, right now, the answer is no. that information, your name and your address is public, but what the journal news wanted, sean, they wanted to know how many guns, what caliber of guns. what judge, judge signs your permit and by the way i used to sign pistol permits as a gun and to get a permit in new york state you've got to comply with a background check that involves criminal history. >> sean: hold on. >> your reputation and mental health-- >> it's hard to get it. >> it's not easy, i used to bring them in. >> sean: this is new york and hard to get a gun permit here. what do you think the purpose was? i think to intimidate all the people here and all the people
9:17 pm
on that list. i think they had a very anti-second amendment agenda and that's why they put this together, right or wrong? >> i agree with you. i think the purpose was to intimidate and i think they have intimidated a lot of people who are frightened, who are being held up to a lot of criticism. this is a very hot button issue, but what they're saying is, our first amendment is more important than your second amendment. the united states supreme court has made very clear that the second amendment that we read about in the constitution is not just about the militia. it's about the ability of the individual it protect himself or herself, as we have just seen in cases, in georgia where a woman learned how to use a gun and a guy is breaking into her house. the cops can't make it. >> sean: let me put something on the screen. george mason, co-author of the second amendment and the left has been focused over the word militia and he co-authored the second amendment, i asked,
9:18 pm
sir, what is the militia, to disarm in the best way to inflame them. now, i kind of think that puts to rest what they meant by a well-regulated militia. >> no question. it doesn't matter you mean -- what the word militia means. i don't care if you think it means people from mars. the bottom line, the highest court in this nation has said it's about the individual's rights and if they do it legally and if there is a review and if the judge has to sign that permit, shame on you. and i'm going to tell you something else, in 30 years in law enforcement and i was a chief law enforcement of a county of a million people, i saw one murder with a legal gun. these murders and crimes are being committed with illegal guns. it's not the legal gun owners that they've outed here and and here and here it's the people running guns. and by the way i'm not going to go near what happened when he we were running guns and the border. >> sean: you mean operation--
9:19 pm
>> fast and furious. >> sean: and you all know this story, our government gives guns to drug dealers, murderers, criminals. >> mexican cartels. >> sean: and they kill american agents and won't tell us anything about it. we're going to play later, judge, a 911 tape, a woman in georgia, somebody breaks into her house and we've got the tape and she has to shoot this guy to protect her nine-year-old kids. what happened if any of those people experienced that? that's what's at stake here and the people that don't have guns, now every criminal in westchester and the world knows they don't have a way to protect themselves. which house would you target? >> i'd target the ones without guns or if i knew the person wasn't working, i'd get the person with the gun if i'm a gang banger or a drug dealer. >> sean: nice to see you. tune in saturday night 9 p.m. fox news channel, a special edition of justice with judge jeanine. and confronted the editor and see how that went down and two
9:20 pm
new york counties have caved to the journal, there's a group of brave americans from putnam county refusing to put their residents at risk and they have turned down this newspaper's request. now, officials from that county will tell us why they stood up to the journal news and left wing agenda as "hannity" continues. thanks for being with us.
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and refused to release information about the residents in putnam county new york who lawfully possess a firearm. and they held a press conference reiterating their position just last week. let's take a look. >> i want the people of putnam county to know that we firmly believe that the release of this information would create an unprecedented public safety issue. i will not retreat from protecting you, nor will i surrender. >> i'm a man who follows the rule of law. we're not talking about the rule of law anymore, we're talking about endangering our citizens. i hope it wasn't just to sell newspapers and increase circulation by putting over 40,000 people in those three counties in jeopardy. >> i'm not so sure that the journal news hasn't violated a law when they've invaded the people's privacy and subjected
9:25 pm
th them. [applause] >> joining me now from putnam county the clerk dennis sant and executive county executive mary ellen odell. >> thank you. >> sean: i want to thank you because i thought it was a courageous stand and did it for the safety of your residents in spite of what happened. give us the background. >> we received an foia request as the county clerk did andi and and we protect the people and upholding the law and looked at this and there's really no value to this. we felt na, actually, if we did give that information out, we would be subjecting a lot of our constituents, we would be subjecting them to safety risk. >> and you got the request originally? >> i got the request and i sat on it for a few days, it was just before christmas. and i noticed what happened in rockland and westchester
9:26 pm
county. my phone started ringing off the wall and got 400 phone calls within three days of the published report and i was listening to many horror stories, women who had orders of protection against abusers, abusive husbands or spouses, and they were exempt as part of the law and now, they find their address and name on a google map. i don't know if you've ever used earth google, you get right into the back yard and the driveway. >> sean: it's scary for a lot of people and that's a separate issue in and of itself here. when you said no, what was the reaction? >> from the journal news? >> the question. >> from the journal news? we hadn't delivered our formal refusal. >> sean: welsh the press conference was pretty formal. >>, but we haven't done it in a legal format and, but you know what? i just want to say that it was really a very quick response
9:27 pm
for both of us and our deputy county executive. >> sean: a no-brainer. >> it was an invasion of privacy immediately. and once you finish reading the request of the paragraph, your instant reaction is, you know, this is a complete invasion of privacy. with social media, social network and computer technology being what it is today we realized quickly that this would -- information would use be just too much out in cyber and there would be too much exposure. >> sean: well, a right decision, obviously. what has been the reaction, by the way, from the people in putnam county to your decision? >> it's wonderful and i've gotten a great-- from rocklands county residents, in putnam county they were elaltted and privacy and keep them out of harm's way. >> sean: and not just gun
9:28 pm
owners. >> just as responsive as the gun owners. >> along the same lines, great sense of pride from the constituents that i've spoken do, they've been very proud that their elected officials have taken this battle on and you know, putnam county is a small county. you know, we are really only 50 miles north of new york city, but we're a proud county and a lot of first responders, retired active military personnel and they, you know, their concern runs deep, not only for their-- all their career they've been, you know, putting out the bad guy and now the bad guy knows and the rockland county sheriff says there's taunted. >> sean: you might disagree a little bit with judge jeanine, there might be recourse for some of the people who were outed. some of here. >> i think we're on the right side of this. >> sean: and recourse for those outed in the other counties. >> sure. >> sean: what is it? >> well, if at any time
9:29 pm
there's any incident that has been as a direct a result of that release of that information, they're responsible. >> sean: they're liable. >> literally. >> i would imagine. >> absolutely, responsible and liable. >> they knew what they were doing right from the beginning, sean. they knew they were making a sensation of a terrible tragedy of our neighbors just across the border and they tried to intertwine that tragedy around to have that printed on google's map and they placed themselves in harm's way and i would suggest the residents follow up on that. >> and i would suggest that they did this for profit, and you cannot, you cannot use those names if it is for profit. that's the case law. i can that what the county clerk said about they took advantage of a horrific story, they looked at sensationlize it and they looked to add to their circulation, which is profit. >> sean: not working by the way. had the opposite effect.
9:30 pm
>> and a lot of the advertisements in the paper, a lot have been pulled. >> sean: that's the free market. guys, very brave decision, the right decision and thank you both for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks. >> sean: when we come back, a chilling 911 call, a woman and her nine-year-old twins literally hiding in their crawl space in their house and she had to shoot them. we have it on tape. and going before the studio audience, they'll defend the paper's action and more with the studio audience as the special "hannity" continues. we're glad you're with us. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want
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spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sou) ask your doctor about spiriva. >> welcome back to the special audience edition of "hannity." we've highlighted the journal news invasion of privacy of the rights of gun owners who have now been outed and the left's attempt to limit the second amendment. now, my next guest has an entirely different opinion and is defending the journal news, saying it was protected by the first amendment and give him a lot of credit by the way, i don't think our audience really is going to like it, but joining us now is criminal defense attorney former new jersey prosecutor jeff colts, thank you for being here. i want to play a 911 tape. a woman in georgia, twin nine year olds, and some guy with a crowbar. she goes in the the crawl space and the husband, 911 on the line and chilling moment.
9:35 pm
listen to this: >> and remember, his nine year old twins, she's protecting, in a crawl space. is that a good thing she had a weapon in the house. >> sure. >> sean: it was a good thing. sure, when i have a gun i want a sign on the outside of my house that says you've got a gun stay away. a different way to look at
9:36 pm
it-- >> wait a minute, you do. do all of you want a sign out in front of your house. >> no. >> it is a choice, you're right, but they had no choice, they were outed. these people have no choice and they feel that their lives are in greater danger now because now criminals know they have guns and they also know where the people live that don't have guns. >> but the journal news did service and the legislators here in the audience are going to make sure that this law is open public records act as an exception for guns, they've done a good service, i'm not saying which is right and wrong. the sunshine of this law is a good thing and now we know there's a problem with it, they'll fix it. >> sean: so you're not defending it. >> i'm defending the first amendment. defending the fact that they outed these people. >> sean: first amendment is not absolute, can i go into a theater and yell fire. >> and the-- >> i asked you a question. >> no. >> sean: i cannot go in. and forget about the legality of it. you know, if you work in the news business was that the
9:37 pm
morally right decision by this newspaper to out these people and tell the criminals who have guns and who doesn't? >> you're assuming that the newspaper business is a moral one. it may not be. i mean, the fact of the matter is that they have the right to do what they did. will some good come out of it? i think goodwill come out of it. >> sean: do you think that good is coming out of it. >> no. >> sean: these are the people living it, so they don't believe you. it's easy you for you to say because air not one of them. >> i think that goodwill come out of it after that. >> sean: thank you for lecturing them. >> i'm not lecturing, they'll find out. that's not me saying it. >> and that's wrong. >> his family is at risk is what he said. >> i can take care of myself. >> look there's two sides to that, too, every time you-- >> and two sides if you're carrying a gun. >> i can't turn on the tv without seeing another mass shooting. there's two sides to it.
9:38 pm
>> nothing to do with that. >> i understand that, and-- >> that's not us doing those mass shootings, sir. >> so you attack the legal citizens? >> no, i'm saying they had a right to publish it, and goodwill come out of it. >> irresponsible. >> and just because they had the right did not mean that they had to publish it. >> you know, the government knows, the government knows all of this. every one of you-- >> the question we need to ask is what was the intents of this, the intent, whether or not you realize this, you are a bully and you are a pawn in the liberal media complex. >> and want to-- >> yes, sir in the back in the third row. >> sean, my name is pat, i'm a retired police officer and past president of the westchester county detectives association and affiliated police association of new york, fbi and new york state certified police firearms instructor, and spent 23 years in law enforcement on the city, federal and county level. and i can tell you that there's case law that came out
9:39 pm
in december of2011, judge solomon in new york supreme court, new york county, ruled in the new york times versus n.y.p.d. in article foia action that active and retired law enforcement officers, not the just n.y.p.d. and active and retired government employees must be redacted from the list that the n.y.p.d. turned over to the new york times in their foia action, that speaks volumes towards case law and may work towards the pending legislation in the assembly and senate which in the justification clearly says that the exposure of this information does the record holder, their families and the public at large a great disservice and puts them at
9:40 pm
risk. >> let me dove-tail off this. yeah, you can clap. [applause] >> you know, you're a lawyer, you argue for a living and you're obviously very good at your job, you've been doing it for a long time. sometimes things come down as just the right thing to do. now, if i think with all the crime that we have in society and people that do not have weapons in their home, they now will be targeted by criminals, that will probably happen as a result of this, people that had guns, they might be targeted so somebody can go in and steal guns. police officers that arrested people might now be in jeopardy if they're retired, they are on list, some of them. and i just, you know, i listen to your arguments. you think you're sophisticated and i'm thinking where is your moral compass that you don't see that's wrong? >> it's not a question of moral compass, you have a first amendment for a reason. it's the first amendment. >> sean: and you're giving me a technical answer. >> technical it's first for a reason. >> sean: and this is the second for a reason, but, i'm asking you right or wrong, the newspaper did not have to do
9:41 pm
this and these people, and i argue, and people that don't have guns are in jeopardy. why can't you see the outrage in that? >> because i don't think they're in as much jeopardy as you say. >> sean: nice of you to just sit-- >> last week there was a news conference in rockland county where the local sheriff said his officers in the correctional facility are being approached by the incarcerated people and saying, i know your address. now, let me tell you, that's a heck of a scary thing. >> that's a very scary thing. i'll let you respond to that. that's the real world. it's not just some abstract disagreement, argument that you're making in law school. these are real people, real lives, real families, real children that live in these homes and that's what is in play here. >> okay, but this is always the case. anybody could have done this,
9:42 pm
just because they did it now and have the bright light on it, means it can be fixed, but it could have been done before. this isn't something new. >> sean: the damage is done. >> you wouldn't know that unless somebody did it. now they've done it and address it. >> sean: wonder if you would think differently if it's your family and somebody puts your name-- >> i want a sign on my house that says i have a gun. stay away. >> sean: you put your sign up and leave these people alone, how is that? all right. [applause] >> coming up next, well, you just heard the other side of the argument, so, what does our audience think, does the first amendment argument supercede their right to privacy because it may be legal? does it make it morally right? we're going back to our studio audience and they'll respond straight ahead. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "hannity." we continue with our audience comprised of law abiding gun owners and their names and addresses were published by the journal news. you heard the other side of the debate, how does it make you feel. >> the rockland county sheriff's department and refired and i spent most of my career, trying to keep my name, address, family off of facebook, off of everything. >> sean: me, too, it hasn't worked. >> it did for me until the other day. >> sean: and there's a lot of criminals know who you are. >> yeah, and now know where i live. >> sean: and that makes it
9:47 pm
hard and worry about that a lot because these guys, were you making that point, they put their lives on the line and now you're in jeopardy and that's scary and your kids and family. >> that's right. >> sean: sir, he we haven't heard from you. >> detective for quite a few years, and i put a lot of very bad people away and i don't know how many of those people still carry a grudge. they know my name, now they know where i live. >> tim, representing journal news said that these guys shouldn't be worried, shouldn't be scared. >> sean: easy for him to say. >> guess what, as soon as the name and addresses of the editors from the journal news got out, now they're running to beat john wayne to the n.r.a. membership, and they've got armed guards. amazing when stuff starts to turn, oh, there is he' a great awakening why people's privacy-- they're all on the first amendment. >> sean: i agree. like the hollywood hipocrits and fly around in their own private jets and lecture us about our suv's. >> al gore?
9:48 pm
>> al gore, yes, ma'am. >> al gore. >> al-jazeera-gore. >> hollywood stars can afford armed body guards, rightly so, we protect our president. we protect our mayors. we protect our cabinet officials and politicians and i think that's the right thing to do. everybody. >> everybody. >> sean: but the average person cannot, does not have the money for an armed guard. >> right. >> sean: and that's what's dangerous. yes, sir, you wanted to weigh in. >> i want today bring in, you brought up before about the governor's confiscation bill. in nazi germany they had a propaganda magazine, and they had an article they titled the jew next door. the journal news, their article was titled "the gun next door". the they registered every gun and the the governor is talking confiscation, it's scary times. >> the fear mongering headline
9:49 pm
that had no nexxis whatsoever to the article which many high school newspaper would reject, because there was no substance whatsoever in the article. and they let the map stand on its own. and i thought that was unethical. i contacted the gannett ethics officers and you know what, they said that they handle whistle blowers and reward whistle blowers, and they can do nothing about this. and a frequently asked questions, that this couldn't be downloaded and that i had the list in my possession over 16,000 names and addresses, all right? and they didn't want to know anything about it. >> let me get to these people who haven't spoken. thank you for your patience. >> a newspaper as far as i'm concerned is supposed to report news and not make news and that's what's been done, they've made news. >> sean: yeah, sir. >> and there's a reason, an agenda for it and creating a
9:50 pm
divide right now. they've created a sense of us versus them. the people that are gun collectors, the hunters, the shooters, the people out there that are lawful, law abiding citizens that have the weapon and other people saying, no we don't want this and a rift between the two and the media has been running, calling demonizing us. >> sean: a show of hands, how many think this discussion about gun control is to exploit a tragedy by politicians. >> and-- hold on, don't have a mic on you. >> and cuomo who may want to be president is not going to be president. new york is different than the rest of the country and they're going to wake up to the fact-- >> what's mazing, joe biden as he pushed the idea to bypass congress and get into the political side in the next segment, often the ideas that
9:51 pm
liberals often use, if only one life is saved. i can save one life, take everybody's cars away, everybody's hammers away and baseball bats away. >> hammers. >> yeah, blunt instruments, hammers, bats are used more than rifles to kill people every year. and al sharpton says he wants a knife control if there's an incident with knife. >> and a small portion of the 363, whatever the number is, rifle deaths. >> sean: i'm going to pick up from that point when we get back. you haven't spoken yet, you're very shy back there. i'm going to bring you in. we'll come back, more with the studio audience and closing thoughts as we continue and as always, thank you for being with us. (applause) ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport.
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." we continue now with our studio audience who made up of gun owners outed by the journal news, some of you we have not the heard from, you are very quiet and i want to know you've been listening to your reaction. >> we've had no choice, we were just outed by the journal news, there was no opt in or opt out. i'm self-employed, work from home. if somebody's watching my house, it looks like nobody's
9:56 pm
home, i'm home all day alone and i feel every time a car is slowing down in front of the house, are they watching the the house? it's terrifying. >> and do you feel closer now because you feel the danger is there. >> when i'm in the house alone. >> and you're married to him. >> yes. >> sean: he married way up. >> probably. (laughter) >> well, i wanted to know about the pin map. i don't know if you know, but every one of us, both of us know we have licenses and let now that gun owners are the most intelligent and they are the most trained in guns. so, you really want us around. so that -- what happened with the pin map is that we, not everybody in the household was named to have a-- on the journal news. so, that meant that their intent was just to show where you live. so if there's two or three gun owners in your house, they did not necessarily list you on that list. >> they targeted our home.
9:57 pm
they named me, it doesn't name him. >> they wanted to know where you were on that block. >> sean: that's scary. but look one of the things frustrates me, rahm emanuel said never let a crisis go to waste. okay, here is the problem, how many of you agree this will not solve the problem? do you all agree with that. everyone agrees. if the next -- let's say they ban assault weapons and the next shooting incident is a guy that comes in with five pistols and takes them out one after another, then they're going to ban pistols, right. >> going to try. >> sean: deneen. >> and trying to tell we the people what to do how to do it and when. it's a good thing you're doing the special because people are outraged about this. >> sean: what's the next step. do you think their ultimate goal is to disarm the american people? >> absolutely, yes. >> sean: you all agree? >> sean, sean, this is, yes, it's about intimidation, but it really goes beyond that
9:58 pm
because it's intimidation and then it's registration, then confiscation, they're talking about it right now and all of these people want to ban these evil, you know, ar-15's, i'm jewish and i think what would, what would these people-- what would the german jews done with ar-15's stock piled and they wouldn't have been murdered and-- >> as you study the founders and framers, they were clear, they weren't talking about shooting bambi or hunting, they were talking about protecting yourself about tyranny and government. >> and it happened to the germans, happened in china and uganda and start of disarmament. >> sean: let me point out one-- >> one right, you start to give up all rights. where do you stop? >> that's, well, look, the
9:59 pm
centers for disease control, c.d.c. reviewed 51 published study about the effectiveness of gun control laws, eight types of them and found there was insufficient evidence. the department of justice looked the at the clinton ban, the assault weapons ban, they found it was not effective. you were saying something to me during the the break and i want you to give a chance to say that. >> one of the point, the journal news never explained, never given a valid reason for doing this, so you have two issues at hand with the consequences of what they did, you have number one, over 95% of all gun crimes are committed with illegal guns, you gave a shopping list to the criminals who need a new gun. number two, you expose the people who don't to home invasion, who aren't protected, but the third question is the real reason why they did it. the real reason why they did it to embarrass people, to expose neighbor against neighbor. >> sean: that was what-- we didn't run it, but that's what eric holder said. ma'am, i'm not going to let


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